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What can I do with a computer science degree?
Computer scientists are in demand. Find out where computer science could take you.

Careers in video games
Want to put your creative skills to the test with computers? Check out our lowdown on careers in the gaming industry.

Working with the web
Lots of modern life is built on the web. Find out how you can get into this exciting and fast-moving field.

My job explained: Information management consultant
Yvan is an Information management consultant for Accenture. His job combines technical expertise with business know-how. Find out more about why he enjoys...

My Job Explained - IT Sales Manager
Louise Daw manages millions of dollars' worth of sales for IT company Cisco. Find out how hard work got her there.

My job explained: IT service delivery manager
Simon Tinckler talks about his role as an IT service delivery manager at a major bank and gives some valuable tips on getting noticed by future employers....

My job explained: Senior Lecturer and Course Leader
Dawn Hewitson leads the computer science and IT PGCE course at Edge Hill University.

Career profile: Computer hardware engineer
We use computers to catch up with our friends, play games and surf the web, but how much do we know about the inner-workings? We give you the lowdown...

Career profile: IT consultant
An IT consultant reviews and improves a company’s IT systems and solutions. They often work closely with the client to evaluate problems and suggest solutions.

Career profile: Sysadmin
System administrators, or sysadmins, make the IT world go round, setting up and maintaining computer systems, networks and servers.

Career profile: Usability tester
Usability testers use their expertise to make technology easier to use. Read on to find out more.

Career profile: Web designer
Combining technical know-how with creative flair, web designers are responsible for making sure a company’s website is the best it can get. On the job...

How to sell your skills on a tech CV
When it comes to getting an employer's attention, having the skills isn't enough - you need to be able to show them off, too.

Resources for women in tech
Technology can look like a man’s world, but women can be successful in tech too - and there are lots of resources to help.

So you want to start a tech business? – The Big Idea
Have you got a great idea for a website, invention or other tech innovation? Find out how you can make it happen – and make some cash. What skills do...

So you want to start a tech business? - Using your skills
Handy with a computer? Want to do more than just fix your friend’s laptop when they download a virus? Find out how to use your skills to start a business...

Technology journalism explained
A fast-moving world like technology needs good journalists. Find out how tech journalism works.

What to expect from technology job interviews
Technology companies are famous for strange interview questions and puzzles - but what's the truth about tech interviews?

Career profile: Network engineer
Network engineers work on phone and computer networks for many different organizations.