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Should there be bigger punishments for buying essays?

Feb 23, 2017

Another reason not to buy essays onlineThe government wants to crack down on students buying essays to hand in as their own work – but the risk of getting caught isn't the only downside.

Online 'essay mills' can be tempting for students struggling with a subject or with how much work they have to do – but those who get caught cheating can expect to be disqualified from modules or even expelled. Now, the government wants to do even more. Suggestions include banning adverts for essay-writing services or introducing fines.

But there are dangers beyond the punishment. Avoiding essays means you get less out of your course, and it probably won't pay off in your results, either: an investigation in 2014 found that essays bought online weren't good enough to get the marks the companies promised. So even cheaters who don't get caught might end up paying over £100 to get a worse result.

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