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Choosing a sport course
Thinking of studying sport at college or university? Read our guide to make sure you pick a winner.

Choosing a hospitality, leisure and tourism course
Getting a job helping other people relax can be hard work – and so can deciding on which hospitality, leisure and tourism course to study. Read on for our guide to picking the right one for you.

What is sports science?
Interested in sport and learning more about how the body works? Sports science is an exciting subject, which could pave the way to a variety of careers.

What is sports therapy?
Sportspeople need to get into perfect shape to succeed, and studying sports therapy will teach you how to keep them that way.

Why do an apprenticeship in Coaching Football?
Mark Brooks, who has cerebal palsy, refused to let the physical disabilities he faces get in the way of his goal to become the next Wayne Rooney.

Why do an apprenticeship in Professional Cookery?
Sarah Abbott started out as a Professional Cookery Apprentice and went on to become one of the South West’s most promising chefs.

Why do an apprenticeship in Horticulture?
Find out how a summer job at a golf course helped one teenager turn his life around to become more confident and skill up.