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Careers in leisure and tourism
Whether you’re more comfortable in T-shirt and shorts or a shirt and tie, you’re sure to find a career that suits you in leisure and tourism.

Careers in leisure and tourism: continued
Discover more about the leisure and tourism industry.

Working in the beauty industry
With the right skills and an eye for style, your prospects for a career in the beauty industry could look as good as the people you pamper.

Working in the equine industry
You might feel like you have to jump a few fences yourself to get a job working with horses, but provided you love getting your hands dirty as much as the animals themselves you can make it to the finishing line.

Working with the Football Association
From the pitch at Wembley Stadium to grassroots football in your local area, there are plenty of places you could work with the Football Association – whether you can kick a ball straight or not.

My job explained: Event manager
Charlotte Torlo talks about how precise planning is as essential as great ideas for making something an event to remember – for the right reasons.

My job explained: Football coach
It’s Stephen King’s job to find the Theo Walcotts and Wayne Bridges of tomorrow. Read on to find out how he scored his goal of being a sports coach for Southampton FC.

My job explained: Personal trainer
James Hardy is a personal trainer with Live Fit. Read on as he talks about the blood, sweat and tears – as well as the rewards – involved in helping people get the body they want.

My job explained: Sports teaching fellow
A lecturer in Sports and Exercise Psychology, Dr. Samuel Vine needs to keep his mind as fit as his body.

Career profile: Airline cabin crew
The job might take you into the clouds, but you’ll need some down-to-earth skills to work as a member of airline cabin crew.

Career profile: Chef
If you want to be the next Gordon Ramsay, you’ll need more than a big voice and a short temper. Find out how to get the skills you need and find your first job.

Career profile: Football referee
A referee might not always be the most popular person on the football pitch, but they’re always the most important.

Career profile: Performance analyst
If you’ve ever shouted at Match of the Day, or spent hours talking about it afterwards, then you’ve already done some performance analysis.

Career profile: Sport psychologist
Can you imagine what it feels like to compete in an Olympic event, knowing that millions of people are watching you? Sport psychologists help athletes to deal with the mental pressures so they can perform at their best.

Career profile: Sports agent
Got your eye on the ball in the boardroom as much as on the pitch? Being a sports agent is about hard graft as much as glamour, but with the right skills and enough drive you can make it to the top.

Career profile: Sports development officer
Want to share your love of sport with others and keep them healthy too? Then a career as a sports development officer could be the one for you.

Career profile: Sports dietitian
Want to work with sports stars? A career as a dietitian could be your route into working with famous athletes.

Becoming an adventure sports instructor
A thirst for adrenaline isn’t the only thing you’ll need to give other people thrills and spills. Read on to find out more.

Coaching disabled athletes
The Paralympics has made disabled athletes like Ellie Simmonds into household names. Read on to discover how you could help tomorrow’s gold medal winners on their way to the podium.