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National Student Money Week 2017: Waste Not, Want Not

Feb 06, 2017

National Student Money Week 2017: Waste Not, Want NotThis year's National Student Money Week looks at simple ways to save money by cutting down on waste and unnecessary spending.

The average person in the UK bins £200 worth of food each year. On a tight budget, you can't afford to throw your money away. But there's a positive side, too: if you can cut down on waste, you'll save money without having to make sacrifices.

Easy ways to reduce waste include:

  • Buy food in a group: you might not get through a loaf of bread on your own before it goes off, but with the help of friends or housemates, you will
  • Don't be swayed by special offers: you're not really saving money if you don't use what you buy
  • Plan out your meals for the week so that you can buy exactly what you need

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign has lots more advice about avoiding food waste, and there are lots of other ways you can avoid wasting money or paying for things you can get for free.