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What is BMAT?

What is BMAT?Passing the BMAT exam could be your golden ticket to studying medicine or veterinary medicine at the most exclusive universities. Read on to find out what's involved.

The BioMedical Admissions Test, or BMAT for short, is a two-hour admissions test vet or med students must sit to stand a chance of securing a place at the most exclusive universities.

It’s a way for those institutions to ensure they select only the very best calibre students.

Even if you don’t plan to apply to the institutions where the BMAT is compulsory, having it will give you the edge over other students applying for the other highly competitive veterinary medicine and medicine courses around the country.

Who needs to sit the BMAT?

Anyone planning to study certain medicine, veterinary medicine or related courses at the following universities:

- Medicine

- Veterinary Medicine

- Medicine

- Biomedical Sciences 

- Medicine

- Biomedical Sciences

- Biomedical Sciences with Management

- Medicine

- Veterinary Medicine

- Combined degree programme

- Graduate accelerated Veterinary Medicine programme

How much is it?

The standard BMAT entry fee was £42.50 within the UK and £72.50 elsewhere in 2011. Check the BMAT website for changes in cost.

Where can I sit the BMAT?

You can take the BMAT exam at your school, college or sixth form.

What’s involved?

There are three parts:

  • Section 1: Aptitude and skills. This is a 60-minute section consisting of 35 multiple choice or short answer questions.
    It tests generic skills such as problem-solving, understanding argument and data analysis and inference abilities.
  • Section 2: Scientific knowledge and applications. This is a 30-minute section consisting of 27 multiple choice short answer questions.
    This section covers the sorts of things you will have studied at school in science and higher mathematics.
  • Section 3: Writing task. This is a 30-minute section where candidates answer one of three short essay questions.

When does it take place?

The exam only takes place once a year so it's worth preparing well.
Check the BMAT website for future BMAT dates.

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