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BMAT top tips

BMAT successStudents wanting to study medicine or veterinary medicine at the most exclusive universities only get one shot each year at the BMAT. Read these tips from BMAT’s Senior Assessment Development Officer Mark Shannon to ensure you ace the exam first time.

Tips on preparing for the BMAT exam

  • Look at the question papers on the website so that you know what to expect.
  • Brush up on your GCSE level science, especially the concepts. Cramming fragments of knowledge won’t help you unless you can explain why and how things happen.
  • Practise writing a side of A4. This will be useful for section 3 where you have to write one side of A4. Being aware of how long it will take you to write your answer should give you the confidence to spend more time thinking about the question and planning your answer.
  • Answer the question on the paper- don’t twist it into something that you’re comfortable with.
  • Answer all aspects of the question in section 3. The questions are brief- if follow you them to the letter and write in reasonable English and you should score 9.
  • Take a practise exam paper and time yourself to be aware of what pace you need to work at.
  • Talk to someone who has been successful in the exam to find out if they’ve got any advice.
  • If you have special needs, a disability or if you are ill or going through a difficult time during the exam, make sure the exam board is aware and this will be taken into account.

Common mistakes by candidates taking the BMAT exam

  • It’s surprising how many candidates don’t answer the question or follow the instructions.
  • When answering section 1, don’t bring anything into your answer that’s not in the question or go off on a tangent. Look at what’s in the argument. We’re not trying to trick anybody. What you see is what you get.
  • A common mistake in section 3 is when candidates try to show off their knowledge and bring in things that are irrelevant. Remember, admissions tutors won’t be reading your paper and the person marking it isn’t interested so don’t waste your time on it!
  • Be aware of time. Some candidates do not complete the paper in the given time.

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