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Studying a media studies degree
A media studies degree isn’t a passport to a media career, but you’ll pick up more useful skills than just watching TV will ever teach you.

Studying visual effects
If you're technically inclined but artistic and interested in film or TV, visual effects could be the perfect fit.

NCTJ Diploma in Journalism
Getting into journalism is competitive, but an NCTJ qualification is a good way to kickstart your career.

Media work experience
Almost all media jobs will require you to have some experience under your belt, whether it is working for the university magazine or spending your holidays at a TV studio.

Student media
Do you dream of seeing your name in print or your face on TV? Then working for your local student media is a great place to start.

Building media contacts
Whether you’re looking for a new job or just want some information about working in the media, networking is one of the best ways to get what you’re after.

Making a showreel
When you’re applying for a job or work experience with a TV or film production company, they’ll want to see what you can do.

Media links
Want to find out more about media?