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Careers in advertising
Being able to sell yourself is as important as the products you’re promoting for a job in advertising.

Careers in film distribution
When the cameras stop rolling, a film’s journey to the screen begins.

Careers in film production
Want to know what it’s like working in the film industry? There are many different ways you could make your mark.

Careers in publishing
Want to work with books but not sure if you want to be an editor?

Careers in radio
Tune in to the skills you need to work in radio, and find a job on your wavelength.

Careers in TV
Want to work in TV? There’s more than one way to get there.

My job explained: Broadcast journalist
A good nose for a story could lead you into a high-flying job in journalism. Read on as Juliet Spare gives the scoop on her career as a broadcast journalist.

My job explained: Communications Manager
Sophie Joyce reveals how to get your message across for a career in communications.

My job explained: Editorial secretary
Ruth Austin works in the picture book editorial department for Macmillan Children’s books. She supports the editorial team to ensure that the best books hit the shelves.

My job explained: Journalist
Guardian journalist Alexandra Topping talks about breaking the news - and breaking into the newspaper industry.

My job explained: Producer
Spectacular stunts and worldwide travel are all in a day’s work for Chris Hale.

My job explained: Radio DJ
If you like the sound of music – and your own voice – then a job as a radio DJ could be the one for you.

My job explained: Scheduling manager
Steve Power plans which movies get shown on Sky. He runs the schedules, arranges special film seasons, and enjoys working in the media.

My job explained: Senior producer
Stuart Strickson gives you the lowdown on production, and how you can get a head start in media.

My job explained: TV channel controller
Zai Bennett works for ITV2, commissioning, scheduling and planning programmes. Find out why he thinks he has the ‘best job in the world.’

My job explained: TV researcher
TV researcher Amy Jackson talks about how to go from watching great TV to making it.

My job explained: Visual effects artist
Dave Lieberman reveals the solid skills you need to conjure up illusions on the silver screen.

Career profile: Advertising copywriter
Got the gift of the gab? If you think you could come up with a catchy slogan or write a script for an advert, copywriting might be just the job for you.

Career profile: Broadcast journalist
Think you could put together a good news story? Or maybe you would do a great job in front of the camera?

Career profile: Editorial assistant
Bonkers about books? Check out this starting job for working in an editorial department of a publishing company.

Career profile: Foreign rights co-ordinator
Interested in getting books published and like the idea of working in an international environment?

Career profile: Media sales agent
Advertising is the lifeblood of the media industry, and it’s media sales agents that keep it flowing. Read on to find out more.

Career profile: Press officer
Are you good at persuading people? Do you like the idea of working with the media?

Career profile: Public relations officer (PR)
Do you always see the glass as half full? If you’re good at putting a positive spin on things, then you could make a great PR officer.

Career profile: Search engine optimiser (SEO)
Are you competitive, technical and good with words? If so, perhaps it's worth considering a career in search engine optimisation.

Career profile: Subeditor
Can you put the punch into headlines as well as the punctuation into paragraphs? Read on to find out if a career as a subeditor could be for you.

Career profile: Web editor
Are you a budding writer with an interest in the internet? If so, then a career as a web editor may be for you.

How blogging could get you a job
Blogging might give your thoughts away for free, but it could also give you skills you can sell.

Media and business
Businesses need to talk to each other as well as their customers, and need people with the media skills to get the right message across.

Strange jobs in film explained
Ever wondered what a best boy does – or what kind of dolly needs a grip? Find out what some of the stranger sounding jobs in film really involve.

What is freelancing?
From writers to web designers, TV presenters to radio producers, many people in the media industry are ‘freelancers’. But what does this mean and will it work for you?