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Career profile: Patent attorney

Career profile: Patent attorneyWhat is a patent attorney?

Patent attorneys, or patent agents, are responsible for guiding individuals or companies through the stages of patenting an invention. Patent attorneys are also responsible for protecting an inventor’s claim through litigation if their invention is stolen or misused.

What does a patent attorney do?

Patent attorneys perform a wide variety of tasks. They work closely with their clients, evaluating the originality of their inventions and advising them of the steps to take in order to attain a patent. If an invention is unique enough to warrant a patent, attorneys will draw up paperwork to be submitted to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Patent attorneys work both inside and outside of the courtroom, and are responsible for overseeing all elements of the patent application and holding process.

Becoming a patent attorney

Patent attorneys must possess a wide range of skills due to the diversity of their job; it is necessary for patent lawyers to have a strong research, analytical, and written skills. They must also be familiar with contract and intellectual property law. Many patent attorneys hold a science or technical degree, as it is important for them to understand their clients’ inventions. Additionally, a background in foreign languages is also becoming an extremely popular commodity. In order to become a registered patent attorney, an individual must pass a series of examinations given by Chartered Institute for Patent Attorneys (CIPA
and the European Patent Office (EPO).

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