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Teaching for engineers

Teacher at blackboardEngineering doesn’t have to be about building new structures - it could also be about building young minds.

Routes in to teaching: do I need a degree?

For most teaching routes, you will need to begin with a degree. From there, you will do a teacher training course, such as a PGCE (usually based at a university), or school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT).

Teaching engineering

Although engineering is not a hugely common subject in schools, it is available - for example, through the 14-19 diploma. Nonetheless, you might also be teaching related subjects such as product design or design and technology.

Because engineering is not a particularly common subject, engineering PGCEs are not very widespread. Courses are available at Liverpool JMU, Nottingham Trent, Sheffield Hallam and Sunderland.

Engineering is a priority subject, so you could receive a training bursary of up to £9,000 depending on your qualifications.

Teaching other subjects

Studying engineering doesn’t mean that you have to teach engineering. Your skills can also apply in other areas. 12% of new maths teachers studied engineering, as well as 3% of science teachers and 1% of ICT teachers. The important thing is that you can demonstrate that your qualifications are relevant enough for you to teach the subject.

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