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Creating an engineering CV

TypingGeneral CV writing advice applies to engineers too, but here are a few extra tips specifically for engineering jobs.

Be specific, but brief

Technical CVs sometimes need to be a bit longer than other CVs. For example, you might need to go into more detail about particular skills. However, you should still try to be as concise as possible. Be specific, but try to avoid using too much technical jargon, especially if the person reading your CV might not have the same kind of expertise as you do.

Be careful

It’s always important to be careful about things like layout and spelling on a CV, but as an engineer it’s particularly vital: nobody wants to hire an engineer who doesn’t have good attention to detail.

Make it practical

When it comes to describing your education and experience, real achievements beat descriptions of your course or responsibilities. Mention particular projects you’ve worked on and what you did to make them a success. This is your chance to show off how well you can put your skills into action.

Stay up-to-date

Once you’ve created your CV, you’ll need to keep updating it even when you find a job. This is particularly important for engineers because technical knowledge can become out of date. This may mean you need to change what you emphasise about your experience as well as

If you’re still looking for a job, it helps to find ways to stay up to date with your field - for example, by reading journals or magazines - and to find ways to stay busy, such as volunteering, that will help you avoid leaving a gap in your CV.

Consider including a portfolio

A CV doesn’t have to stand alone: if you can better communicate your achievements with examples of your work, then a portfolio might help you to stand out. Keeping this online can help you to get the message across without sending potential employers a huge document.

The more creative the job is, the more likely you are to need a portfolio. For example, if you’re going into product design you may wish to include examples of your design work.

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