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Would you pay higher fees to get your degree quicker?

Jan 09, 2017

Would you pay higher fees to get your degree quicker?Universities could be allowed to charge higher fees for two-year courses, the Telegraph reports.

'Accelerated' or 'fast-track' courses let you get a degree in two years instead of the usual three, normally by working longer hours and having shorter holidays. Although some universities offer courses like this already, many don't – partly because it means providing more teaching and resources but charging the same fees. The idea behind increasing the fee cap for two-year courses is meant to encourage universities to try shorter courses.

Depending on where the cap was set, students might still pay less overall. They would also have one less year of maintenance loan to repay. However, living costs can be higher if you have to stay at uni over the summer, and the more intense workload means less opportunity to earn money through part-time work.

So far, the idea is just a suggestion made to the government – but it's a useful reminder that there are alternatives to the usual way of studying, and new options are still appearing. If you want to get a degree but you don't think the conventional experience is for you, think about part-time study, distance learning and degree apprenticeships – and keep an eye out for future changes.

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