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Degree apprenticeships explained

Degree apprenticeships explainedWhat qualifications can you get from a degree apprenticeship?

As the name suggests, degree apprenticeships lead to a full undergraduate degree from an accredited university.

Will I have to pay tuition fees?

No - your fees will be covered, so you don't need to pay fees or get a tuition fee loan.

Can I get a student loan?

You won't qualify for a maintenance loan, but you will be earning money from your apprenticeship.

What kind of subjects can you study on a degree apprenticeship?

There are fewer degree apprenticeships available than apprenticeships at other levels. You can currently get them in:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerospace Software Development
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Banking Relationship Management
  • Chartered Surveying
  • Construction
  • Defence Systems Engineering
  • Digital
  • Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Laboratory Science
  • Nuclear
  • Power Systems
  • Public Relations

What kind of work can you do on a degree apprenticeship?

There are many different jobs available, including surveying, software development and civil engineering. The work will often be specialist and detailed, with a lot of theory to learn, and you might manage staff.

You can search for apprenticeship opportunities online to find out what is currently available. However, degree apprenticeships are categorized as higher apprenticeships on the website.

Degree apprenticeship entry requriements

Entry requirements vary, but will normally be similar to degree courses and given in UCAS points. A high-level BTEC or NVQ in a related area will get you onto some courses, but A-levels will give you access to more.

How long does a degree apprenticeship take?

Degree apprenticeships will take longer than a full-time degree course, because you will spend some of your time working in your apprenticeship job. You can expect to be in your apprenticeship for around four and a half years.

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