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Didn't make the grade? What next?

clearing studentIf you don’t get the grades you expected, you can still get a university or college place. Here’s what you do.

If you’ve applied to university in your final year of college or sixth form, you’ll normally be given a ‘conditional offer’ – this means that you are guaranteed a place at that college or university as long as you get the required qualifications (these will be stated in the offer).

Exam results are released mid-August. You can receive your results online via UCAS track or, in some cases, by going directly to your college or sixth form.

What if you don’t get the grades?

Follow these steps:

  1. As soon as you know that you didn’t make the grade, contact your first choice university and see if they will still accept you on the same course.
  2. If this institution doesn’t accept you for the course you have chosen, find out if it can offer you a place on a similar but less competitive course.
  3. If you are still unsuccessful, you may wish to accept your insurance choice. This will be the back-up offer you received when you first applied to UCAS.
  4. If you did not make the grades for your insurance offer, go through steps one and two again, this time speaking to your insurance institution.
  5. If you still have no luck but want to go to university, you have two options: either you take a gap year and resit your exams to ensure you get the required grades for your first choice institution, or you go through clearing.

And above all…

Don’t panic! It can seem like the end of the world if you don’t get into your first choice of university. But remember that as long as you’re studying something you love, you’ll have a great time wherever you are.

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