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Did you get better grades than expected? Time to trade up

Did you do unexpectedly well in your A-levels? Adjustment lets you swap your place for one you prefer.

Adjustment lets you apply for a new place even if you have a confirmed offer

Adjustment is an opportunity for you to try to get a better place if you do better than you needed for a conditional offer.

Adjustment opens as soon as your place is confirmed

The adjustment period opens as soon as your offer becomes unconditional in UCAS track, or on A-level results day - whichever is sooner.

You only have five days to apply through adjustment

The adjustment period lasts for five days - and weekends count. If you haven't accepted a new place through adjustment by the time the five days are up, you'll keep your existing confirmed offer.

There is no vacancy list for adjustment

Unlike clearing, there isn't a central list of places that are available through adjustment. Instead, you'll have to contact the universities you are interested in directly to see if they have anything to offer you.

You can only take one adjustment offer

Although you can talk to as many universities as you want, you can only accept one offer. You'll accept by talking to the university directly, not through the UCAS website, and they will then add their offer to your application. When you are talking to universities, it's important to be clear about whether you are accepting an offer or just asking for information, and only to accept an offer if you are sure you want it.

You won't lose the place you already have

You won't lose your confirmed place by applying through adjustment. If you don't take a new place, you'll simply keep your confirmed offer.

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