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What to do if your accommodation problems don't get fixed

Apr 10, 2017

What to do if your accommodation problems don't get fixedStudents struggle to get their accommodation problems dealt with, according to a new survey.

Save the Student asked 2,000 students about problems like damp, broken heating and rats. They found that one in four problems reported to landlords never got fixed - and of those that did, most took more than a week to resolve. The problem wasn't just limited to private landlords: students in university-run halls also had trouble getting repairs made.

Nobody wants a week of cold showers, so if you're renting it pays to know how to deal with problems. Remember:

  • It's your landlord's responsibility to repair things like plumbing, wiring and heating. If they don't, you can go to the council for help and you could get compensation.
  • As long as your tenancy started later than October 2015, it's illegal for your landlord to evict you because you complained about repairs.
  • If you're staying in halls you have the same rights as anyone else who is renting: the university is your landlord, and you should be told who to ask about problems and repairs.

Find out more about your rights when renting and how to solve accommodation problems.

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